fujinomiya tourist center
  Dining and Accomodation

What kind of room are you looking for? Cheap and convenient? Traditional and austere? Luxurious and elegant? All of the above?

Fujinomiya has a wide variety of accomodations available to suit your plans for a memorable Japanese experience. Maybe you want to stay one night after your remarkable Mt. Fuji climb, or maybe you wish to stay a week to enjoy all the pleasures of our town. Regardless, we have just the place you're looking for and right where you'd least expect them!


Fujinomiya is rapidly gaining popularity for it's hometown dish: Fujinomiya Yakisoba! This cheap, yummy, and  filling specialty recently won Japan's B-1 Gourmet Grand Prix and is available just about around every corner. Just look for the tall orange flag, step in and dig in!

Of course we have many other dining expereinces available. Just ask us and we can point you in the direction of a quiet, traditional meal on tatami mat floors, or fun raucous barbeques held both indoors and out. 

After all the excitement, you might want to have a cup of sake, or glass of wine to contemplate how you've never heard of this place before! We know just the place.

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